Marionette - Record Label

Burnt Friedman
Dead Saints Chronicles

A1 Near Life
A2 Acroagnosis
A3 Languish

B1 Grace
B2 Wentletrap
B3 Repentance

Marionette's fifth instalment sees Burnt Friedman channeling some sinister, mystical rhythms. As if a djinn were mapping out a higher order logic map. This is some visionary work that is riddled with contradicting non-human concepts, brought to life with geometry and intuition.'Dead Saints Chronicles' is an ode to drawing fascination from Near Death Experiences (NDEs). The title for the EP is inspired by a book written by David Solomon and Antony West, involving sifting through thousands of recorded NDEs, a process analogous to that which Friedman used to revive pieces from his archive of DAT tapes. The result is a powerful EP comprised of 6 unique tracks that work to foreshadow what's to expect from the label, while hinting at the flashbacks that may have slipped through the cracks. This is an occult meditating ritual for the nocturnals.

Written and produced by Burnt Friedman
Cat. no.: Marionette05
Format: 12” Vinyl (180g) + Digital
Release date: July 2017

Artwork by Jake Fried

Distributed by Honest Jon's