Marionette - Record Label

“Dead Saints Chronicles is a record where rhythm reigns supreme, where even the faintest and smallest sound finds its foothold in a vast and overarching constellation, where no sound is not connected to each and every other sound. It’s a record not so much about timekeeping as it is infinity.”

“One could be forgiven for assuming that the spirit of Friedman’s late and much-missed musical collaborator Jaki Liebezeit is also present here, as the beats, pulses and grooves shimmer with both his presence, found both in the precise placement of the drums and in their spare arrangements, and his absence.”

The Wire - Issue 404
“For sure, Monkey Island would have been a darker, scarier place had Friedman scored it.”

Resident Advisor
“... its sounds oblique and its moods ambiguous, even by Friedman's stony-faced standards.”

Inverted Audio
“To enter the intricate skeins of textured envelopes and tangled polyrhythmic drumwork of Friedman’s sound imaginarium is to abandon yourself to a one-off, mind-expanding experience. Away from the canons of functional electronic music and full-out leftfield digressions, it spirals through and over with elusiveness and spirit, like a soul slipping out of its shell, floating half-way between complete disintegration into the big whole and the rising convergence of all centres onto the Omega Point.”

“Majestic in every way, Dead Saints Chronicles marks Marionette out as a label to keep your eyes glued to!”

“Burnt Friedman in mystic drummer mode for Marionette, following suit from their ace Kilchhofer release.”

Low Company
“... but really the defining quality of this music is how free - as in unshackled from dancefloor imperatives - it feels. Recommended.”