Please read this carefully before considering whether or not you should send a demo to Marionette.

First of all, I never thought I would have to put up any sort of demo policy. However, things progress and evolve with the label and I often find myself naturally adapting to these changes in a way that stays true to the label. I’ve been receiving quite a few demos and felt the need to share my thoughts regarding this.

As a starting point, please make yourselves familiar with the label and acquaint yourselves with all the music released on Marionette. You may likely notice some sort of a common ground and what may come across as a sound for the label. Nevertheless, I am always looking to expand the spectrum of the label. I am not necessarily looking for music to fit with what’s already been released, but more so some bold originality and a unique voice. 
That being said, it absolutely does not matter what instrument(s) you use to make your music - what truly matters is your approach to and understanding of music - and how that translates to what you create.

Now if you genuinely believe that your music is what the label may be looking for then please upload uncompressed files (via Wetransfer or Dropbox) with some words about the music and yourself. Please don’t regurgitate your bio in the email. The music should be more or less in a finished form. I give my best to reply to every demo submission but please be aware that the label is always planning for upcoming releases that take time to put together. If i don’t reply, then it is likely that the music did not grab my attention.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am looking forward to hearing your music.

Ali Safi