Kilchhofer / Hainbach

12” Vinyl EP (180g) + Digital
Cat. no.: Marionette-LM01
Release date: May 2016

Written and produced by
Benjamin Kilchhofer (Side A)
and Stefan Paul Goetsch (Side B)
Artwork by Benjamin Kilchhofer
Distributed by Honest Jon's
Released with the help of Benjamin Kilchhofer.

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Little Mary strays from the pack, floating from one rock to another, in the midst of the narrow cascading river stream. Feeling the respirating leaves ebb and flow, she caught a glimpse of a pagan rain dance, a drum circle within a pocket of sunshine – where all mantras come to life. This captivating split EP sees Kilchhofer’s second 12”, after his ‘Dersu’ EP on ‘Marionette’. The flip side features Hainbach who gets his work pressed on vinyl for the very first time – after a few tape releases, his latest being on Ted Butler Cortini’s ‘Limited Interest’ label. This is truly something wonderful from two very gifted and unique artists.