The Book Room

2x 12” Vinyl EP (180g) + Digital
Cat. no.: Marionette07
Release date: March 2018

Written and Produced by Benjamin Kilchhofer
Artwork by Jake Fried
Distributed by Honest Jon's
Released with the help of Benjamin Kilchhofer.

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The Book Room is Kilchhofer's musical diary, it's his library of emotions. It's a fairytale, an imaginary place shaped by exotic cultures, an escape from modern society, a collage of real and imagined experiences. You can hear influences abstracted from a wide number of musical approaches: the story-telling nature of folklore music, naive and conflicting rhythms of tribal drums, melodies and pads reminiscent of classical minimalism and microtonal experimental music, the free-form approach of early electronic music and krautrock, and buried deep within the tracks some hints of hedonistic dance and club music.